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2024 Mercedes E-Class - Modern Ultra Luxury Sedan!

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2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class First Look: Classic Luxury Sedan for the Modern Age
By retaining the essential three-box sedan design, the 2024 E-Class updates the timeless look without ruining its established image.

When it comes to the looks of a sedan, nothing truly tops the design of traditional three-box layout. A nice, long hood that's separated from the greenhouse and with a proper decklid honestly beats that "four-door coupe" style Mercedes has been using frequently. That's why we welcome the 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class luxury sedan with open arms as it still modernized that timeless look without ruining what makes it work so well and remains functional. It is also, by no means, just a bit of bodywork or just a set of new lights and a grille.

The 2024 E-Class doesn't look longer, but the wheelbase has grown 0.87 inch longer than the 2023 version to its new 116 inch length. Despite that, the proportioning done by Mercedes' engineers and designers makes the E-Class look not much functionally different from its previous generation. The short front overhang and long hood hides most of that extra length, but this body also belies the additional cargo room in the trunk, now at 19 cu-ft of space. Even with this additional length, the E-Class has a turning circle of only 35.4 inches when its optional rear steering axle is used. This allows the rear tires to turn up to 4.5 degrees for that very impressive turning circle.

Again, the body proportions hide the larger trunk area, which its decklid does look smaller from the side, but this is thanks to its greenhouse flowing into the rear quarter panel so smoothly. You still get the aerodynamic shape at the rear for better airflow and efficiency, but don't fully get that "controversial" coupe design we've been seeing from Mercedes. It's a nice blend that also helps to extend the rear portion of the rear passenger area, as well. This design allows the E-Class to slip through the air with a coefficient of drag of 0.23, even as the frontal area of the 2024 is 0.02 cu-ft larger than the 2023 model (2.54 cu-ft on the new E-Class).

This Is The New Mercedes, Not a BMW
Another new character change is done to the front end. The grille is now much larger, the side vents have also expanded, but the headlights are completely new. Gone is its single lower swoop, being replaced by double dip that would be far better at home on the current BMW lineup. In fact, we'd probably like to see these headlights on the 7-series because they do look better than the current split headlight/running light design BMW is doing. The grille uses a black panel to connect itself between the headlights, eliminating the body color separation and making it as if the grille is floating on the front end. This floatiness is aided in the fact that the radiator is a three-dimensional design with an additional party trick: a light up surround that an owner may option for on their build.

Inside, we get the latest iteration of Mercedes MBUX and a new design for its screens. Rather than have a large screen that spans from the driver's instrument panel and into the infotainment screen, the 2024 interior sees a separate instrument panel with a new widescreen that spans from the infotainment center screen and into a screen on the passenger side of the dashboard, if it's equipped. Otherwise, the driver's instrumentation viewpoint is much more centralized ahead of themselves rather than sharing space with the center screen. Despite that disconnect, both the instrumentation and central panel are much larger on the 2024 model than the 2023 shared screen panel.
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