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Ancient Floating City Built By Giants - Nan Madol

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In the middle of the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean in Micronesia, there lies a megalithic site as inexplicable and mysterious as any on earth, a site that has been a breeding ground of legends and secrets for centuries. And yet, despite its status as “one of the most enigmatic and unique ancient sites in the world,” most people have probably never heard the name – Nan Madol. There is perhaps a good reason for this… The Micronesian island of Pohnpei is truly in the middle of nowhere. Off its shores to the east lie more than 5,000 miles of open ocean until you hit California, while to the west, another 2,500 miles of ocean to Manila in the Philippines. In the shallow waters off its eastern shores stands an unfathomable stone complex – 92 artificial islets built on top of a coral reef over an area a mile long, all linked by an elaborate network of stone-lined canals. These stone canals give the place its name – Nan Madol, which translates to “within the intervals.”

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