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Fact #1. If you're looking for one of the best activities to help foster your child's productive development, both physically and mentally, look no further than the swimming pool. Researchers overwhelmingly agree that regular swimming is one of the best ways to help overall childhood development.
Fact #2. A parent who encourages their child to swim from an early age can count on a more well-rounded, independent, and fit youngster. And, of course, the more the child swims, the more time the parent spends in the water. This allows them to enjoy a bit more exercise themselves.
Fact #3. The purpose of a baby pool float is, first and foremost, to keep your child safe. They're for use when a child is not yet able to swim independently. Any safe, well-designed model centers a child's weight. Most allow the child to sit low in the water, which keeps their center of gravity down.
Fact #4. Many baby floats have sunshades that can help to cover your child. This is of critical importance even on cloudier days. Ultraviolet sunlight can penetrate cloud covers even when visible sunshine is blocked. It's UV sunlight that does the most damage to the skin. A sunshade that keeps your child in their own little shadow is a great way to keep them safe.
Fact #5. Some baby floats allow a child plenty of interaction with their aquatic environment. Others are more about simply being in and experiencing the water. For older or more adventurous babies, a smaller float might actually be a better choice. It will allow the child to get his or her hands down into the water to splash and even practice the paddling motions of actual swimming. Smaller infants will do better perched in the soft seat of a wide, stable model.
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