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Fact #1. Babies have completely different needs than adults. That extends to the type of pillow they sleep on. A baby's brain goes through rapid development within the first year of life. They need proper support while they sleep to ensure that growth happens. Baby pillows are designed to facilitate blood circulation in the brain. They also protect an infant's fragile neck, which also develops significantly in a child's first year.
Fact #2. Newborn babies actually have no control over their neck muscles. They don't know how to lift their head onto a pillow. For this reason, baby pillows aren't the types grownups are used to. Instead, they're full body options that can support a baby from head to toe. They're also important for tummy time, which refers to a baby lying on their stomach rather than their back. This can prevent a baby's soft head from becoming flat.
Fact #3. New parents might wonder why a simple, large fluffy pillow won't suffice for a baby. This is because baby pillows are specially designed to be contoured or have raised edges, which keep a baby from rolling off. A baby's spine is also still transforming into the proper curved shape that adults have.
Fact #4. Babies grow faster in the first few months than any other time period. They can quickly outgrow their pillow. To save money, parents should look for one that expands with their baby. Some have elastic exteriors and extra material within the seams so the pillow can stretch without tearing.
Fact #5. Parents who live in cities with four seasons might like a reversible option. These have cotton on one side, for fall and winter, and linen on the other side for summer. The same luxury foam found in adult mattresses can also be found in these. They can provide the ultimate comfort and security for a baby's fragile body.
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