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Fact #1. Pillows are at least 9,000 years old. The earliest pillows were regarded as status symbols throughout Mesopotamia. Aristocrats of the day would commission and collect them in great numbers. They placed them throughout their homes much like a modern-day mogul might display works of art.
Fact #2. The Ancient Egyptians are renowned for using stone pillows in conjunction with the mummification process. The Ancient Romans were the first to design low-grade pillows that could be sold to and used by everyday citizens. The Ancient Chinese made armrest pillows out of ceramic and porcelain.
Fact #3. The first thing to consider before buying a body pillow is how tall you are. Also consider your body's general shape. You want a pillow that can provide a full-length cushion, and perhaps even wrap itself around you. On the other hand, you don't want it to be any longer than your bed.
Fact #4. Consider whether you're purchasing a body pillow for ease and comfort, or whether you need it for ergonomic reasons. If you need it for ergonomics, you'll want to ensure that it offers a deep and firm cushion. You may also want to read its description so that you can determine whether it's recommended for alleviating sciatica, gastric reflux, and other health conditions.
Fact #5. If you plan on keeping a body pillow in one room, it may be worth locating an option that matches that room's color. If you plan on using it on a regular basis, it may be worth pursuing a model that features a machine-washable liner. If you'll be taking it with you when you travel, it makes sense to pursue a lightweight model. You can rest it along the backseat of your car. You'll want to avoid placing it in the trunk, though.
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