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Beasen Smart Motorized Roller Shades 100% Blackout Linen Review

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Beasen Smart Motorized Roller Shades 100% Blackout Linen Review
About this product:
This motorized blackout roller shade is the perfect addition to any stylish home, offering privacy, light blockage and a peaceful sleep. Ideal for those who work at night and sleep during the day, as well as for media rooms where screens need to be free from glare. The shade completely blocks out all light and harmful UV rays, which helps to protect your home and furnishings.

Important Features;
0:09 Product introduction
0:38 Package Contents
1:05 How to install?
1:40 Rechargeable Motor
1:45 Remote Operation
2:18 Install Light Blockers
2:30 Voice Control Features
2:40 How to connect with Smart Devices?
3:17 Voice Control Demonstration
3:50 How to Install Remote Control Stand?
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