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Canon C500 MKII vs BMPCC6K Production Level Test

I Wanted to do a production level test against the new Canon C500 MKII against the budget friendly BMPCC6K. Big thanks to Lukas Colombo and the whole crew, visit his website at: https://moaifilms.com/

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C500 Built List:
1. Canon C500 MKII: https://bhpho.to/2HP6NJm
2. Wooden Camera Canon C500 MKII Unified Accessory Kit: https://geni.us/c500IIwc
3. Wooden Camera V-Mount Plate: https://geni.us/wcbc500
4. Wooden Camera Battery Swing: https://geni.us/wcbswing
5. Anton Bauer Titon 90 V-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery: https://geni.us/abtiton90
6. Teradek Bolt 4K 1500: https://geni.us/tdkb4k1500
7. Sigma T1.5 FF High-Speed 5 Prime Lens Kit: https://bhpho.to/3aRIEyi

BMPCC6K Build List:
1. BMPCC6K: https://geni.us/bmpcc6k
2. Kondor Blue 15mm Dual Rod Clamp: https://geni.us/kbaclp
3. Kondor Blue 501 Baseplate: https://geni.us/kb501b
4. Kondor Blue 6K Full Cage: https://geni.us/kbbm6k
5. Kondor Blue D-Tap to BMPCC 6K 4K Power Cable: https://geni.us/kbdpwr
6. Kondor Blue Mini Quick Release Plate: https://geni.us/kbqrplate
7. Kondor Blue Samsung SSD Holder: https://geni.us/kbssd
8. Kondor Blue Cine Magic Arm: https://geni.us/kbcinearm
9. Teradek Bolt 500 LT: http://geni.us/teradekb500
10. Sigma T1.5 FF High-Speed 5 Prime Lens Kit: https://bhpho.to/3aRIEyi

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