Cheese Slicers: 5 Fast Facts


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Fact #1. Believe it or not, cheese has been around for at least as long as we've been taking down history. No one knows exactly who discovered the cheesemaking process, but it can be safely said that humans have been creating and consuming cheese for quite a while now.
Fact #2. Anthropologists have uncovered evidence that our ancestors were enjoying cheese as early as 5500 BCE. By the time the Roman Empire was up and running, cheese was already a widely consumed treat across a sizable portion of the world. It ranged from western Europe all the way to central Asia.
Fact #3. It's a sad state of affairs when you spend a pretty penny on a delicious block of cheese, only to hack away at it later with a duller butter knife. There's truly no need to resort to using awkward utensils when you can opt for a product made specifically for the purpose of carving cheese. Stop serving strangely-shaped pieces of Havarti to your guests and take a more sophisticated approach to food prep with a handy cheese slicer.
Fact #4. One of the best things about cheese slicers is that they're easy to use and often just as easy to store. Most models are operated manually. You can control how thick or thin your slices come out. If you're making a traditional, deli-style sub, perhaps narrow sheets of cheese would complement the dish best. For a hearty grilled cheese, go for a thicker cut. Slicers allow users to create dishes tailored to their exact preference.
Fact #5. If you're not buying pre-sliced, packaged cheese, you're going to have to find a way to carve it on your own at home. There's no doubt you have other utensils in your kitchen drawers that were designed for absurdly specific uses. Why not finally invest in a quality slicer?
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