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Dead Space Remake Everything To Know

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After its original release in 2008, Dead Space was heralded as a fantastic game by critics and survival horror game fans alike, and a game that would properly iterate on Resident Evil 4’s new action-oriented survival horror with a focus on shooting enemy limbs, and small-confined areas within the USG Ishimura - a planet cracking space ship. And yet, after two fantastic games, Dead Space 3 was released in 2013 to lackluster reviews and essentially killed the series. But, 10 long years later, Dead Space is finally seeing life once again through a remake.

But what type of remake will this be? Is it going to pretty much be a 1 for 1 remake ala Crash Bandicoot: N’sane Trilogy? Or are we looking at at something that will completely reinvent the game, ala Resident Evil 2? Well, here’s Everything We Know so far about the Dead Space Remake.

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