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Five Things I Hate About The Sony A7 III - Tomorrow - 5 Things I Love!

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Five things I hate about the Sony A7 III. Such a cliche' thing to do, but it gives me the opportunity to talk about the negative features that a new person might run into when getting this camera and decide which ones might have meaning to him/her and which are not issues at all.
When I finished recording this video, I turned the camera right back on and recorded the five things I love about the Sony A7 III. I couldn't contain the list to 5 though, too many good things about the camera :)
Pre-order the camera here and you can also read other peoples opinions too!
Color is important! To get the color I wanted on this video I used A Better White Balance to color balance the camera. I work it 2 ways, thru the lens and also “reflective” - where I use the color white balance eye dropper in my software (FCPS - but the same for Premier Pro and others). To do this you use your Vectorscope view. In the center there is a crosshair. That crosshair is total neutrality of the RGB light channels. If you have a white balance tool in your image or frame, mask it so you see only the the white balance tool. Then using an eyedropper, click on the white balance tool - the scope should show your “dot” directly in the center of the crosshairs. From there, you turn off themes and tune in to taste. Clinical perfection does not always make the prettiest picture.
This is the white balance tool I recommend:
There are Wasabi batteries coming for the Sony A7 III - as soon as I get them I will make a video showing them off to everyone :)
Here is the equipment I used in this video (most of it) and talked about on this handy page at the world’s biggest candy store - uhh, I mean camera store :)
At this time (April 2018) shipments made outside of NY and NJ from B&H gets no sales tac collected - a real advantage!
TOO COOL :) Amazon has given me my own personal page on their big Amazon Web site:
*The best Custom White Balance Tool!
It is all on an awesome custom page on the B&H web site. Check it out - it's great.
WHITE BALANCE: ABetterWhiteBalance
COMPUTER: 2017 27” iMac i7 4.2 GHz
Sony A7 III
Order this one with a $200 lens bargain! I wish I did this, oh well (I could return it, but I don’t want to absorb all that shipping!)
My new lens - Sony 50mm 1.4 Zeiss FE
Sony A9 camera I held in my hands
Sony 55mm FE Lens that was on the A9
For sound, I wired myself with a really good mic system, a Sony Lav
I edited the video on this Apple iMac I bought - zoom zoom FAST :) I highly recommend this computer & screen, and that is with me coming from a Windows environment! This is the most advantageous configuration and you add more memory on your own, like I did. I bought the memory from B&H, but you can shop for the best prices on your own - just get the right ones :)
I filmed this video in my Christmas Room. There is no light or windows natural light to interfere with controlling the light in the Christmas Room.
Recorded in 4K 24p
Standard color profile at ISO 640, 1/50, f/1.4 using the equipment listed on this beautiful B&H page!
The menu was set to 4K 100mbps mode. I exported (Share) to 48MBPS H.264 in 4K for Youtube.
Hairlight soft box behind me - up high, 1 soft box in front, and 1 softbox on the side facing up to the ceiling to bring up the ambient light levels.
This is a good starter lighting set for having your own lights
What about Jingles??
Jingles works for food (and love) :)
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Amazon has given me my own personal page on their big Amazon Web site:
All pictures and content by Peter Gregg and are my copyright. Music from YouTube's Content Creator library.
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