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Google I/O 2014 - Distributing appealing apps: How to make them love your apps!

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Jacob Greenshpan [UXUX]

We all want our apps to be loved by our users. This is because loved apps and products get users on board and keep them engaged. We all strive to create the perfect engaging design that users will like—ultimately love—and want to use over and over and never abandon. Sounds like a love story? It sure is. Why? This is because our users actually do fall in love with great applications as a result of subconscious mating patterns when they interact with the applications we distribute. This is what makes these application so easy to distribute among users. So, if you want to design an app which will be easily distributed, you must understand the relationship between humans and apps. In this presentation, you will be introduced to a framework for creating applications that are both attractive and appealing and therefore, distributable. You will learn some tips on how to design apps that will instantly catch the user's attention—call it love at first sight, be fun to use and be less prone to be abandoned. Now, don't we all want to create such applications?

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