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ICYMI: Egyptian Tomb Tech, New Fusion Reactors and More

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Today on In Case You Missed It: Everyone who ever wanted to be Indiana Jones or just give up on it all and join an archeological dig will be interested in this: A new project called “Scan Pyramids” will use infrared scanners and cosmic ray detectors to search for new tombs inside pyramids in Egypt, as well as attempt to discover the engineering details of how pyramids were constructed. Fascinating stuff! Plus scientists at the Max Planck Institute want to launch a new design for a fusion reactor. It has a twisted shape unlike the traditional donut design, which its scientists believe is safer than the first version.
Musicians might be interested in the new MIDI controller that can stick onto an existing guitar and hit the pressure-sensitive pads to add in drum beats, pre-recorded samples and slide faders.
Finally, this ping-pong cannon that lets balls reach nearly half the speed of sound is worth a watch, if only for the circles on screen to help you spot where that thing actually went.
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