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ICYMI: Pigeon cancer detection, pill stethoscope and more

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Today on In Case You Missed It: Researchers were able to train pigeons to chose whether medical images contained a benign or malignant tumor with 99% accuracy. MIT scientists made a biomonitoring pill that patients can swallow to collect their pulse, breathing rate and internal temperature. And musicians have a new option in the form of the tiny Motus instrument, which recognizes shaking and twirling to create music out of movement.
Exoplanets are practically old news, as astronomers find one on average once a week. But the latest discovery is pretty interesting because it’s very similarly sized to Earth. And it’s relatively nearby at 39 light-years away.
In case you can’t get enough bird, here’s the video of the average finch’s courtship dance. If you come across any interesting videos, we'd love to see them. Just tweet us with the #ICYMI hashtag @engadget or @mskerryd.
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