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List of latest released Mind-Bending Future Military Technology

0:00 BAYRAKTAR KIZILIELMA UAV Unmanned Military Fighter Jet
0:59 ATAK 2 Fighter Helicopter
2:25 KAAN 40mm Naval Gun
3:05 Sarp-L Remote Control Attack Tank
3:44 Canik M2 QCB M2F Heavy Machine Gun
4:13 SM-81mm MORTAR
4:49 Aselsan GÖKER Heavy Cannon
5:37 MIZRAK ARMA 8x8 Amphibious Military Battle Vehicle
7:26 CANİK M2 QCB Machine Gun
8:12 BARKAN PV2 UGV Unmanned Mini Battle Tank
8:41 HÜRJET Fighter Jet
9:15 Titra Deli Military Kamikaze Drone
9:48 NE-6.28 UAV Unmanned Tactical Drone
10:24 NE-3.14 UAV Observation and Target Identifying Drone

As you see, the video you are watching is more like Action War Game Scenes, so if you like War Games, here are 12 suggestions for some of the Best War Games you can play;
-Hell Let Loose
-Pavlov VR
-Ghost Warrior Contracts 2
-Call of Duty: Vanguard
-War Thunder

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Music - epidemic sounds https://bit.ly/3ADL1RH

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