Lifting Wrist Wraps: 5 Fast Facts

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Fact #1. If you've spent any amount of time in the gym, you've probably seen a few people with those long straps dangling from their arms. Those are lifting straps. They're designed to help you continue to make size and strength gains in target muscles long past the point at which your forearm muscles would become fatigued.
Fact #2. You may be at a point in your weight training where you're ready to move up to heavier weights. You may also be finding that your grip strength isn't up to snuff. If that's the case, lifting straps are probably what you need. They allow you to transfer some of the weight from your hands to your wrists.
Fact #3. You should only use these in exercises where the weight is naturally pulling away from your body due to gravity. They should never be used in exercises where you're pushing the weight away yourself. Not only would they be ineffective in that scenario, but you'll most certainly be judged by experienced lifters if they're watching.
Fact #4. You should only incorporate lifting straps when you are at or approaching the weight at which your forearm muscles will fail. This means that you should start out your sets without them. As you increase the weight, you can incorporate them. This helps to ensure that you continue to increase your forearm and grip strength.
Fact #5. Knowing and using proper form when weightlifting is a must. Not only does proper form help prevent injury, but it also makes your workouts more efficient. You'll put all the strain directly on the muscles you're targeting. If you're unsure about correct form, watch a few online tutorials or ask an experienced weightlifter.
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