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NEW BMW i4 M50 review: how much fun is an electric M car? | Auto Express

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We test the BMW i4 M50, the first-ever electric M car - is it worthy of the prestigious badge?

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The i4 M50 is not only BMW's first all-electric performance car, it's also the first EV to wear the famous M badge. If there's to be an electric car that appeals to driving enthusiasts, then this should be it. The i4 M50 certainly packs a punch - it produces 537bhp from a dual electric motor setup, which is sent to all four wheels. Despite weighing almost 2.3 tonnes, BMW claims that the i4 provides the sharp, agile handling one would expect from an M model, and our man Yousuf Ashraf put this to the test on twisting Alpine roads. Does the i4 deliver?

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