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Remote Lake With 800 Skeletons Killed By An Ancient Goddess - Skeleton Lake

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Every once in a while, a mystery emerges that is so complex, finding answers only leads to more questions. That is exactly what happened at Skeleton Lake. Nestled within the stunning Himalayan mountains lies the unassuming Roopkund Lake, sitting a breathtaking 15,000 ft above sea level. At first glance, this small body of water is just like a hundred others, long frozen under the often harsh and snowy conditions. But take a closer look, and a disturbing picture comes into focus; hundreds of human bones scattered around the base of the frozen water, piled high and bleached white after years of exposure. Some of the skeletons still have skin and hair on some parts, preserved for years due to the cold. The most mysterious part was that these skeletons were all killed in the same manner, by a strike to the head from a blunt object. And not only that, but the skeletons belonged to at least three different groups, the first one being from the 7th century AD, the second from the 10th century, and the third - from the 19th century. How was this possible? How could hundreds of people, separated by thousand years, have all been killed in the same way, at the exact same place? Moreover, who or what caused their deaths?

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