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Securing A Cloud Computing Architecture

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This chalktalk begins by demystifying the terminology around cloud computing architectures and examines the types of enterprise projects that are most commmonly being deployed to the cloud. You'll then learn the advantages of a unique solution that leverages identity information and policy information inside your enterprise Active Directory to automate security and management of Linux-based cloud servers.

David McNeely, Director, Product Management

Frank Cabri, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

Topics Covered
Demystifying the terminology around cloud computing architectures: intrastructure as a service (IAAS), platform as a service (PAAS) and software as a service (SAAS)
The types of enterprise projects that are being deployed in the cloud
How to set up your internal and DMZ-based Active Directory forests to enable centralized management of Linux-based cloud servers
The role that IPsec and Centrify DirectSecure plays in securing Active Directory in the DMZ
The different ways in which cloud servers can be joined to Active Directory, including through the cloud-enabled Centrify DeploymentManager console and preloaded server templates
The need for auditing user activity to ensure that cloud systems are being accessed only by authorized users and how Centrify DirectAudit improves over traditional log analysis solutions
Leveraging the power of Active Directory for efficient centralized, group-based management of resources
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