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Single Serve Coffee Makers: 5 Fast Facts

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Fact #1. Convenience is one of the main reasons most consumers and offices first switch to single serve machines. One can make fresh, hot coffee in less than a minute, without having to deal with filters or grounds. Many models also contain a large reservoir, so there often isn't need to add water to a machine before every brew.
Fact #2. Unlike with a traditional drip machine, one isn't left with a large carafe that needs to be cleaned out once the coffee is finished. Instead, single serve machines brew coffee directly into the serving cup. Being able to brew individual cups of hot beverages can be great for dinner parties, too.
Fact #3. Using a single serve coffee machine results in significantly less wasted coffee every day. No matter whether you live alone, with friends, or with family, it's almost inevitable that you'll make more coffee than you need. With a standard machine, it's not uncommon to pour a cup or two of coffee drown the drain with each pot. Single serve machines eliminate that waste.
Fact #4. It isn't just home consumers that can benefit from these machines, but businesses, too. Nearly every office has that one coworker who always takes that last cup of coffee, but never makes a new pot or washes out the old one. This can quickly cause feelings of animosity in other workers. There's also the problem of having regular and decaf drinkers. Before the advent of the single serve machine, offices would need to have two machines.
Fact #5. Not all single serve machines are created equal. You can choose from high-end models that are capable of making cappuccinos and espressos that can rival those from your favorite coffee chain. There's also basic models that do nothing more than make a single cup of drip style coffee.
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