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The WAN Show - CARS don't kill people, PEOPLE kill people.. with cars!! - May 15, 2015

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Timestamps courtesy of Ghost & cloclo8003
00:02:18 Intro
00:04:14 Build log 1 - Loramentum
00:05:48 Build log 2 - Envy MK II
00:07:25 AMD wants to stop being known as the “cheaper solution”
00:18:52 Lily coming out with personal videographer drone
00:22:16 Intel announces a new line of SSDs aimed at data centers (S3510)
00:26:45 The long life of AOL is over, Verizon is buying for 4.4 billion
00:29:50 Strawpoll - Are you or do you know anyone still using AOL?
00:31:43 Google's Self-Driving Cars Don't Crash, People Crash Into Them
00:42:22 Mozilla Launches A New Firefox Version Without DRM Support
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00:52:55 Microsoft reveals Windows 10 Editions
01:00:10 FTC Rules In Favor Of Tesla, Direct-To-Consumer Sales Legal
01:02:00 Scientists invented a 1 trillion FPS camera
01:04:50 “Mobile is where the future of gaming lies,” new Konami CEO
01:10:00 Oculus releases recommended specs for upcoming CV1 of Rift (and confirmed resolution)
01:13:15 Witcher 3 Reviews go live a week before release
01:16:14 Microsoft’s super-stable video recording arrives (PCs and phones)
01:17:54 Corsair 128B DDR4 memory kits - starting at $1754
01:19:50 Rumor: Netflix reportedly planning top-gear revival called House of Cars
01:20:26 You can tour Razer's flagship store in Taiwan
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