These Stars Can Swallow You And You Won't Even Notice It


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Quasars are the brightest known objects in visible universe. Their brightness can easily outshine the entire galaxy they are located in. Moreover, they are the most distant objects ever recorded. So, what are they? Where can we find them? Why are they so bright? What are they made of? Can we reach them?
Smart Banana decided to find the answers to all these questions and learn a bunch of interesting Quasar facts. Are you ready?

-The first quasar, 3C48, was discovered by the American Astronomer Allan Sandage, in 1960, along with Thomas Matthews, using the technique of interferometry. Today, more than 200,000 quasars have already been detected.

- ‘Quasars’ is actually a short name for Quasi-Stellar Radio Sources. They actually belong to a family of objects which are together known as the active galactic nuclei (AGN). Of all the objects in AGN, the quasars are the most distant and most energetic objects.

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