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This Mysterious Civilization Predates the Sumerians & Egyptians - Harappan Civilization

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With great symbols representing majesty and power, mythical gods and pharaohs, and great technological inventions that changed the world, we are used to seeing Egypt and Sumer as the oldest and most advanced civilizations in history. However, recent scientific research indicates that a mysterious ancient civilization located between Pakistan and India predates these two incredible cultures. Indeed, researchers believe that this civilization, known as the Harappan civilization or the Indus Valley civilization, is around 8,000 years old, which means that it's even older than the great Sumerian civilization. Its most famous city, Mohenjo-Daro, is a clear example of a well-established and highly advanced urban center, which includes sewage systems, roads, well-organized houses, agriculture, and artwork, among other things. However, even with all the information that researchers already have about these ancient people, the Harappan civilization also remains one of the most mysterious in history: Its script has not yet been deciphered, its urban planning and irrigation systems were more advanced even than most cities in modern India, and the civilization suddenly disappeared for reasons that are still not entirely clear. How did the Harappan civilization achieve such a degree of cultural and technological development? What was their secret? Did someone help them, or were they the descendants of an even older advanced civilization? And what is the mystery surrounding its sudden disappearance?

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