What is The Most Advanced Civilization In The Universe?


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The Most Advanced Civilization In The Universe

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to our channel. Hang onto your hats, because you’re about to learn how the performance of a civilization as a whole can be measured. What if we meet someone on Mars, or aliens would finally decide to visit our planet. How do we know who’s a real rock star of the universe?

Well, there is quite interesting theory about that. In 1964, Russian astrophysicist Nicolai Kardashev came up with a special scale. It categorizes civilizations into their levels of advancement. According to Kardashev, the status of a civilization is the product of two things: energy and technology. It means, the better technology you have, the more energy you can exploit. The more energy you harness, the better technology you can create. The better technology is the more likely the civilization is ready to meet the another one.

Conforming to Kardashev, there are 3 types of civilizations (01:02): planetary, stellar, and a galactic civilization. But during the last years his list was edited and expanded based on recent developments in nanotechnology, biotechnology, and quantum physics.

Although it is impossible to predict the precise features of such advanced civilizations, their broad outlines can be analyzed using the laws of physics. So, today we know about 7 types of advanced cosmic civilizations.

May be you wonder where our Earth is on this scale. Watch the full video and find the answer. Stay with us!

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