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Tustin school district brings advanced inclusive learning to high schools with Microsoft Surface Pro

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Students in the Tustin Unified School District come from a range of cultural and economic backgrounds. To help bring equity in education to the student body, the school district provides every student with a personal computing device. In 2018, Tustin upgraded devices for high school students to Microsoft Surface Pro. With this powerful, flexible tool, Tustin can attract and engage students, modernize learning experiences, and free teachers from the confines of the classroom. The result is improved productivity, greater collaboration, and more equitable education opportunities for everybody.

Please note: footage was recorded prior to the onset of COVID-19.

Read the full story here: https://customers.microsoft.com/en-us/story/781397-tustin-unified-school-district-education-surface-pro-en-us

Learn more about Surface Pro 7: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/business/surface-pro-7
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