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Wild Cheetah jumps onto safari vehicle!

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Check this out!!! While running our recent 2-week photo safari in Kenya's Maasai Mara this year (our twelfth Kenyan photo safari), a wild Cheetah sauntered over and decided to jump on top of our vehicle to use it as a warm, sunny lookout vantage point (or perhaps protection, as a hyena was walking past at the same time), and then after a few minutes, it started curiously peeking inside at us! While this behaviour has apparently happened before, our driver guides and lodge managers said it's very rare, and they'd never seen such great video of it, including capturing the initial leap up! I should point out that unlike a leopard or lion, wild cheetahs pose no real threat to humans, and the only way this situation could have become dangerous is if the cheetah actually decided to curiously jump down inside the vehicle and then if our clients freaked out, then the cheetah might panic trying to get out - so everyone was instructed to just remain calm and not move if this happened.
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