With A Black Hole You Get Sucked In, But With A White Hole...


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Black Holes Can Turn Into White in a Blink of an Eye

Some time ago
in a galaxy
far, far away…
a white hole appeared.

Forget black holes. Enter white holes that are spewing the matter from another universe.

Many scientists have spent decades trying to crack the riddle of the black holes’ existence and their unprecedented nature. We are still struggling to explain exactly what a black hole is. What we do know about black holes is that they are a point or a huge region in space where the gravity is so intense and so strong that not even light can escape – meaning that they are impossible to see, even with modern technology.

Nothing can save you once you pass the grim point of no return otherwise known as the event horizon. If you get inside a black hole - you are lost forever. Even though this goes against the laws of physics. Which is where white holes come into the equation.

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