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7 Best High Paying Jobs 2023 (WITHOUT A DEGREE)

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Best High Paying Jobs 2023 - Best Jobs Without A Degree 2023

So with global economic inflation and signs leading to an economic recession, everyone is scouring for a job, and one that pays highly at that.

But a lot of jobs require a four-year degree yet not everyone has the money or time to pursue a degree at an expensive university or college.

Plus many job postings out there have impossible requirements such as “do you have a 4 year degree, have 10 years of experience, and 4 years of supervisory experience… for this entry level position?” If you’re one of those people that are just tired of what’s currently out there, then you are in the right place watching this video because I have a list of seven high-paying jobs that do not require a four-year degree for you!

They’re definitely out there and I’m going to help you with your research! If you like these types of content and want to see more, make sure to like this video and subscribe to my channel, as I would greatly appreciate that. Now onto the first job on our list!

Flight Attendant
If you’re between 5’2 and 6’3 inches tall, have a great set of pearly whites, and are confident with your interpersonal skills, then take to the skies and try becoming a flight attendant.

Flight attendants usually only have physical requirements such as height that allow them to assist passengers with their luggage. Airlines will require aspiring flight attendants to be personable, have great customer service skills, and memorize how to put on an airplane seatbelt and oxygen mask!

Best part is, this position mostly just requires a high school diploma to apply. With the world slowly opening up once again, and the shortage of flight attendants or any airline staff for that matter, future flight attendants are now being sought after by airlines, and with a median salary of $55,000.

A job that provides free lodging, travel around the world, and flight benefits and perks, flight attendants is actually a great way to earn a living without a degree!

Executive Assistant
Next on our list are Executive Assistant. With the only requirement being a high school graduate, the know-hows of basic computer functions such as Microsoft programs, a pleasing personality, good writing, and terrific organizational skills, an executive assistant might just be a high paying job without a degree for you!

As an executive assistant, you work with an executive leader and communicate on their behalf, arrange their schedules, and help keep the organization running smoothly. This seemingly basic but very rewarding occupation can net you a median salary of $60,000!

Executive Assistants are essentially the robin to the batman, but work more behind the scenes in making sure things run smoothly.

So you can say it’s more of a mix between Alfred and Robin! Regardless, because of this highly responsible position, executive assistants are paid well without having a degree.

Media Equipment Workers
For those interested in media and production, you can work behind the scenes and experience being on set without having to take a four-year degree related to media.

This career isn’t only limited to TV and film, you can branch out to a lot of other fields such as radio broadcasting, rental and leasing services, or even working for the federal government.

Regardless, with the need for good coverage everywhere, this job will only keep being in demand as technology advances.

With a median salary of $70,000, people who dream of being in the media will not only be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment, but a hefty salary as well.

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