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Best Stocks To Buy in 2023 for Beginners (High Growth) | Stocks To Invest in 2023

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Hi, I’m Chris Winter and in this video, we will be talking about the best stocks to buy in 2023 for beginners.

As always, it is important to note that I am not a financial advisor, and that you should definitely do research of your own.

Now with all that aside, let’s begin!

Spotify is an audio streaming and media services provider which is one of the largest in its industry.

It boasts hundred million monthly listeners and paying subscribers worldwide.

And up to this day, they are still continuously adding up features on their platform.

Spotify has been a staple name in the music industry due to big and small independent artists being affiliated with it.

This 2023, it has been forecasted that SPOT is expected to turn significantly profitable.

The SPOT stock price has also become reasonable in the past few months.

And with the increasing popularity of podcasts within the platform, the company’s stocks are growing more and more popular for long-term growth investors.

Spotify’s podcast is one of the main reasons for the company’s expected move towards profitability.

Just a few years ago, Spotify was awarded the top-rated podcast provider in the U.S..

With the increasing popularity of podcasts nowadays, Spotify is looking to be one of the best growth stocks to buy this year.

It’s down nearly 70% this past year and it’s below $90.

The peak stock price for spotify was $365, so for me this is a huge discount and if you’re a paying user, know why you are because this is a great company to own.

Now if music industry isn’t your cup of tea, then this stock which is #1 on my list, may just intrigue you.

You may just need to google it.

The company’s iconic check mark is something people from all over the globe will most likely recognize.

Throughout the years, the footwear and apparel giant has been able to build its reputation and has a stable international market.

Add to that, Nike has been off to a strong start with great revenue despite the pullback in the market.

These results are expected to set a foundation for another year of strong growth.

Yahoo Finance also reported an increase in the company's revenue, direct sales, and digital sales.

It also doesn’t seem to be losing its grip on their market because of its many athletes that are endorsed by Nike.

Yahoo Finance also gives it a solid buy rating and this stock is down nearly 40% from a year ago, which makes it a good buying opportunity.

They’ve innovated along with their rabid fans and Nike is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Next is an American multinational corporation which offers bulk products for sale and that’s none other than Costco.

Almost anywhere you look, the predictions and analysis about Costco are very much promising which is why this is the perfect stock to keep your eyes on as beginners.

Some things to look out for for growth investors are a company's financial strength, overall health, and future outlook–Costco ticks all of the boxes.

Simply looking at the company’s 2022 quarterly results, it would show you that the retailer has been thriving despite the issue of high inflation.

And probably one of the best things about COST is that its topline is expected to rise by 8.3% while its bottomline is projected to improve by 10.1% this year.

Right now, Costco’s business plan looks very promising and along with their portfolio, this is a company I would definitely bet my money on.

Amazon is another well-known company that needs no introduction.

Amazon is known worldwide as a technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

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