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How To Invest $1000 In 2023 | $1000 Investing Tutorial 2023

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Hi, I’m Chris Winter and in this video, I’ll be going over how you can invest $1,000.

This video is part of my “How to Invest” series, so make sure to check out my other videos in this series.

Having $1,000 as a capital investment is no joke and it’s a great investment amount to begin with and see significant results in your investments.

So let’s jump straight into the things you can do:

Fund and Start a Business

If you’re passionate about being your own boss, setting a budget of $1,000 is a great way to start.

It may or may not cover most of your expenses, but it should at least cover multiple parts of your business expenses.

Some typical expenses include overhead, supplies, equipment, a website, and you can set aside a portion for marketing expenses.

Think of $1,000 as seed money just to get your next business venture up and running.

Always set a budget and definitely use the $1,000 to the most needed parts of your business first.

Once you start making more money, then you can spend a little more on the things you want to upgrade or get new things that’ll grow your business even more.

It’s all about taking it to the next level and $1,000 is a great way to start.

Start or Add to a Savings Account

I have the riskier ways of investing later on the video, but if you just want a sure, slow, and steady way of increasing your $1,000, then open or start a savings account.

Saving accounts have an annual interest rate of about 1.5% so it’s really small, but you’re guaranteed to make a return and you’ll never lose your money unlike stocks or crypto when there is a chance of a loss.

This can also be part of your emergency funds as 3-6 months should be tucked away for any crazy event that can happen. I’m also a believer of setting aside money to make a big purchase.

Life should not always be lived frugally! So having a savings account set aside for your next vacation, car, or your next home is totally okay to have.

Don’t ever feel guilty about not having a savings account, because while it won’t grow as fast as other investments, it’s still smart to have one.

REITs or Real Estate Investment Funds

Believe it or not with just $1,000 dollars, you can start investing in crowdfunded projects such as real estate, but you’re not actually buying an actual home or building.

REITs or real estate investment trusts is actually a company that owns the real estate project and has all the responsibility of upkeep, maintenance, and handles the day to day operations.

These can include commercial real estate, apartment buildings, warehouses, hospitals, shopping centers, farmland, you name it, REITs got it.

With REITs, you take all the work out of being a landlord, while giving you access to diversify your investment in different types of land or property.

Keep in mind that there is a higher than normal expense ratio or fees that occurs when investing in REITs.

But they essentially work like stocks in a way that if you buy 1 share of a stock, you can buy 1 share of a REIT.

It’s a great way to diversify your investment portfolio and $1,000 is more than enough to get started.

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