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How To Invest $10,000 In 2023 | Best Ways To Invest 10K

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Hi, I’m Chris Winter and in this video, I’ll be going over how you can invest $10,000!

This video is part of my “How to Invest” series, so make sure to check out my other videos in this series at different price points! $10,000 is a hefty amount of money that will reap you even heftier returns in your investments.

So let’s jump right in!

Invest in Bonds

Bonds are not sexy, and I’m not talking about bail bonds or James Bond.

But corporate or government bonds are a debt security…. meaning they raise funds by allowing you to buy their ‘bonds’ and in exchange, they’ll issue investors a fixed or periodic interest payment until the bond expires.

This is known as the maturity date.

When the bond expires, your principal investment is returned and these are great for those who don’t need $10k right now depending on the type of bond you choose.

Of course, the caveat is some bonds have a long time to return your principal investment and can take a year or even a decade depending on which one you buy.

Government bonds for example are typically low risk because it’s backed by the government so you won’t need to worry about being rug pulled!

In any case, $10,000 dollars invested in bonds are a safe option to grow your money.

Invest in Health Savings Account

Again, these are not sexy or flashy, but health savings accounts are considered by some as one of the best kept secrets in the investment world because of its triple tax advantage.

It’s meant to be money saved up for pretty much any health related expenses.

But once you turn 65 years old, you can actually use that money for whatever you want. Here’s the best part, it’s one of a kind because it has a triple tax advantage.

That means your contribution to your HSA is tax free or you don’t pay taxes on it.

Your HSA is invested in the stock market and the growth or earnings you accumulate from it is also tax free.

And finally, when you start withdrawing money from your HSA, that’s also tax free.

Think of it as a hybrid health/retirement account with all the tax benefits available.

If you have $10,000, investing it in your health and your family’s health is always a smart move.

Invest in Real Estate

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise but having $10,000 allows you to invest in real estate.

Whether you’re seeking your first home or looking for an additional investment property, real estate is always a tried and proven method that will yield you a return if you have a long term time horizon.

There is a ‘barrier’ of entry as real estate can be costly, but $10,000 will help with your down payment on your next home or property investment.

Nowadays, you don’t need to put a traditional 20% down on your next house.

Without calculating fees, taxes, or other factors, you can actually buy a $333,333 house with $10,000 if you pay a 3% down.

This is just an example of course, but real estate overall has always appreciated over time.

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