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Best Stocks to Buy NOW in March 2023 (High Growth)

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Best Stocks To Buy March 2023

Starting the list strong is tech giant Apple and a certified Warren Buffet favorite stock.

Apple is also the largest stock in Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 indices - a testament on how good Apple stock is.

But Apple’s brand power alone is not what made it onto my list.

Among the reasons are Apple's interest in diversification within their own business.

Although not officially stated, Apple CEO Tim Cook has mentioned multiple times his interest in developing Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

With the AR Market projected to grow from $378.29 billion in 2020 to a projected $597.54 billion by 2030, it’s no question why Cook wanted some of this action, and why you should get ahead of the game by investing as early as now.

Apple Pay, Apple Cash Card, and Apple’s Health applications are also relatively new streams of income for the tech giant.

And we can’t forget the sales of iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all other accessories brought in - there’s a reason why they’re the top dog of the business.

Apple is a relatively safe stock that is great to hold onto, especially if you’re planning for the long term.

With this market, it might be best to invest in these old and traditional blue chipper companies.

Next on my list of the best stocks you can buy right now is Wolfspeed Inc.

Wolfspeed Inc., formerly known as Cree, is an American developer and manufacturer of wide bandgap semiconductors that focuses on silicon carbide for power and radio frequency applications.

Silicon carbide might just be the future of semiconductive materials and Wolfspeed focuses on just that.

It has high voltage and high heat resistance, perfect for electric vehicles (EVs) and solar panels which are two rapidly growing industries of interest to investors.

What does this mean?

It means that Wolfspeed’s future for 2023 and beyond is looking great.

In spite of supply chain constraints, Wolfspeed saw a revenue surge of 42% in the 2022 fiscal year, increasing their revenue to a whopping $746 million!

It can be easy to get excited about a company with such a massive rate of growth, but still, Wolfspeed is a work in progress and its balance sheet isn’t at its most admirable state.

Still, Wolfspeed is bound to scale well, and most of that just might happen right now in the second half of the 2023 fiscal year.

If you want another company that is working on technology on the rise and shows immense potential, I recommend sticking around until the very end to see exactly what it is.

Next on my list is ExxonMobil.

If you’ve heard of Rockefeller's Standard Oil, Exxonmobil is the largest direct descendent of it.

Exxonmobil is a multinational oil and gas corporation and is one of the world’s largest companies by revenue.

Exxonmobil is also one of the largest publicly traded companies and has one of the largest market capitalizations out there.

And as everyone knows, oil is still king in today’s world.

Oil and gas corporations, like Exxonmobil, are expected to benefit from China’s increased demand for oil as they recover from the COVID-19 restrictions while the bans on importing Russian oil will also increase oil prices greatly, as demand will continue to be high if the war in Eastern Europe persists.

Exxonmobil’s stock in 2022 was a blockbuster, as it was up 51% and the company netted $17.9 billion in net income during the last quarter of the fiscal year 2022.



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