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Hello, everyone! Today we’re going to talk about the human brain, a little organ in our body that contains everything we know. Literally every little thing. But have you ever thought how much you actually know about the brain? Keep watching as Smart is the New Sexy is going to tell you a lot about the brain you didn’t even know. Are you a new watcher? Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel there are a lot of amazing stuff ahead.

7. For our brain there’s no difference between imagination and reality
Real or imagined? The brain doesn't know! We are able to distinguish between real life and imagination based on how electrical activity moves within the brain. The research showed that when we use imagination impulses in our brain are moving from the parietal lobe of the brain to the occipital lobe in a high-to-low region pattern. When everything’s real the same signals move in the opposite direction - from the occipital lobe to the parietal lobe. Two areas collaborate and “digest” the information.
Let’s take optical illusions, for instance. Due to the fact that impulses go back and forth in the occipital and parietal lobes, we can perceive and understand different optical illusions. Images like this illustrate how your brain can play tricks on your neural circuitry as your mind struggles to interpret perceptions of reality. Researchers believe that daydreaming can improve creative thinking and cognitive function because it might optimize the flow of information between the lobes.
Experts say that a specific fold in the front of the brain helps people distinguish between reality and what they imagine. However, there are people who suffer from the altered perception of reality or even those who are missing that fold. It’s a whole new field of research that requires a lot of effort and analysis before any theories would be expressed.

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