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An Introduction To Software Defined Networking (SDN Tutorial)

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http://blueelephantconsulting.com/ -- This video contains a cutting--edge seminar on what just might be the hottest topic in computer networking: Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Wouldn't it have been great if you had been able to learn about Ethernet, the Internet, or even WiFi before they become HUGE and were everywhere? Well guess what, you've got another chance to get out in front of the "next big thing" in computer networking: SDN.

SDN has got Cisco shaking in their boots because it just might completely transform what types of equipment are needed to build a network. Do I have your attention now?

Without getting to technical on you, the first impact of SDN is that for the first time the network's control plane and its data plane will be able to be separated. In today's networks, the control plane and the data plane are tied closely together (in fancy and expensive Cisco boxes). The network switches that compute the routing tables are the same devices that then implement the routing tables. A side effect of this is that this means that both the control plane and the data plane are currently being provided by the same vendors.

SDN completely changes this. The control plane and the data plane are pulled apart. The control program can run on one set of servers and the Network Operating System can run on a completely different set of servers. The Network Operating system will observe and control the data plane; however, it is not part of the data plane. What this means is that it will soon no longer be necessary to replace all of the routers in a network because of technology advances. In the future you'll just upgrade one piece of software and the entire network will have been updated. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

What this means for you is that how computer networks will be built (and what they will be built with) in the future will be completely different from how we do it today. Forget all of those Cisco certifications that you were thinking about getting, they may have just become worthless.

Watch this video and you'll learn three things: what SDN is, how Google leapfrogged everyone and is using SDN today, and what's next in the rapidly evolving world of SDN.
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