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Canon 35mm STM 2.8 Lens. Brand New Canon Lens Preview!

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Canon 35mm Macro F2.8 Review Of It's Specs:
In this video I’m going to take a quick look at and preview the brand new Canon 35mm Macro F2.8 STM lens so you can see if it’s going to a good buy for you.
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But anyway lets take a look at this brand new lens from Canon.
So to start off, as the name suggest this new lens comes in at a 35mm focial length. Being a EF-S Lens, it suited for APS-C Canon cameras such at the Canon 70D or Canon T6 that I’ve got right here.
Being just 35mm, of course that means that the new lens is a prime and won’t be able to zoom, but that’s common among macro lenses.
35mm is a bit of an odd focal length though for macro lenses but because it is a lot wider than many other macro lenses it should be better for hand held shots.
Anotehr reason why the 35mm STM should be good for handheld photography is because it incorporates image stabilization.
I’m realyl hapy to see this in the lens because it makes such a big difference to getting your handheld shots sharp, especially for beginners.
When you’re shooting macro, even the slightest movement can wreck a shot, so this is nice to see.
Generally when you shoto macro, a lot of people like to shoot in manual focus mode so they can get their focus perfect.
But an interesting feature on the 35mm f2.8 is that in inculdes an STM Motor or a stepper motor.
This means that autofocus, especially in video will be smooth and cinematic, and it’s something i absolutely love.
I’ve used STM lenses such as the 24mm, 40mm and 50mm stm and they’re great so i’m really happy to see this in the new 35mm.
Even though this is a macro specific lens, I definitely think that this will be a lens that you can use for day to day shots as well
Of course one of the main features of this lens is it’s macro mode which if you didn’t know, will allow you to get up much closer than your typical lens.
The 35mm f2.8 has a minimum focus distance of just 30mm which is amazing and will allow you to get super close photos of things like flower and insects.
It’ll be interesting to see how sharp the lens is, but at it’s price range it seems like it might be a good option for beginners to intermediates.
Now it’d be hard for me not to mention one striking feature of the new lens and that’s the new in built LED Light ring on the end.
I’ve seen these on other lenses before but not on an EF-S lens and this is a nice inclusion, especially for a macro lens.
Essentially this is going to help you light your little subjects which is critical for macro shots. Now this probably wont be as good as a dedicated macro lighting set up, but it’s a great inclusion i think.
So overall I’m excited to get this lens in, it looks like it could be a very popular lens especially in that beginner to prosumer market.
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