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Canon and Sigma EOS R Lens Compatibilities Test

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My dear friends,
In this video I am testing the focus system on the R camera with Canon's own 35mm L II lens at f/1.4 and also Sigma's 24mm ART 1.4 lens at f/1.4 to see if the brand of lens affects the focus system performance. Here are my results in this video. I feel the Sigma may have performed a tiny little bit worse, but not enough to cause me not to use this lens for video work with the autofocus set to face detection. The video I did prior to this one caused me to scratch my head and wonder about it, and that prompted me to do this test.
Warmest Regards,
Camera and equipment Peter used in this video:
LENS: Canon 35L II 1.4 Lens
Canon EOS R Adapter:
LENS: Sigma ART 24mm f/1.4
Canon EOS R Adapter:
AUDIO: Sony LAV (I use the older version of this current one)
WHITE BALANCE: Peter's new Right White color balance tool
MY COMPUTER: 2017 27” iMac i7 4.2 GHz 40GB Ram
Filmed in my 24/7/365 Christmas Room.
Canon EOS R
4K 30p
Dual Pixel Focus
1 soft box in front, 1 soft box behind in X pattern.
Used the 2017 i7 4.2Ghz iMac with Final Cut Pro X to edit and output to H.264 25mbps 4K for YouTube.
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Pool Of My Equipment past and present with links
Read the specs and read the COMMENTS too:
CAMERA: Panasonic GH5
CAMERA: Panasonic GH4
CAMERA: Canon 5D Mark IV
LENS: Canon 35L Lens
LENS: Olympus Pro 25mm f/1.2 Lens
LENS: Panasonic Leica 25mm 1.4 Lens
LENS: Panasonic 25mm 1.7 lens
LENS: Canon 50L 1.2
LENS: Sigma ART 24mm f/1.4
ADAPTER: Metabones 0.64 Canon Mount
AUDIO: Rode Stereo NT4
Audio: Sony LAV
Computer: 2017 27” iMac i7 4.2 GHz
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