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Fog Computing Expo: Careful Examination Of Fog Computing

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Charles Byers
Technical Leader and Platform Architect

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is potentially a multi-trillion dollar opportunity, but it is full of challenges. Fog-enabled network architectures, composed of the Cloud, layers of intermediate Fog nodes, and smart endpoints can overcome many of those challenges. Fog nodes provide a platform for applications that require either distributed or local computational, networking and storage capabilities hierarchically organized from the Cloud to the edge of the network. This session explores IoE networks, and how Fog Computing complements both endpoint and Cloud device capabilities. We discuss a set of challenges faced by solutions that try to push all the intelligence up into the cloud (latency, mobility, geographic diversity, bandwidth, reliability and security) or down into smart endpoints (power, space, bandwidth, modularity, scalability, environmental, storage, reliability, security). Finally, we describe Fog Computing architecture, how the intermediate Fog layer(s) in the network enable a very rich application ecosystem and how they create opportunities for new network capabilities and higher levels of performance.
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