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If Adam And Eve Were The First Humans, How Are We So Different?!

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Hello, Mr.Banana!
I wonder if you know about who was your ancestry? May be some gigantic saber-toothed banana or tyrannosaur-like plantain? Oh, come on! Don't get mad! I'm just joking!

But seriously speaking, I think there isn't any possibility to know such a person in the whole world who doesn't know the history of Adam and Eve - the ancestors of humanity. Oh, well, may be in some African or Amazonian Tribes only, but they also have almost the same legends. And that's weird, isn't it?
There are many theories about the existence of the first man and his lady and some people believe that they DID exist meanwhile another people are completely disagree with them. So, who is right and who is wrong? Let's try to find out!

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