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Introducing 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S580e Hybrid

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Introducing 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S580e Hybrid https://youtu.be/jJ7nZ_dZq5g

the new Mercedes S-Class W223 for the first time and here are the first impressions of what the Germans consider to be probably the best car in the world. First review Mercedes S-Class W223.
n previous generations, Mercedes impressed with its engines: 6.3 V8 in W109, 6.9 V8 in W116 or 6.0 V12 in W140. This is no longer the case today, but Mercedes is proving that the innovative power of this car does not necessarily lie in the engines.

Mercedes promises that the S 580 e has an electric range of 100 km and runs electrically at a maximum speed of up to 140 km/h, the energy being supplied by a 28.6 kWh Li-Ion battery. It weighs 241 kg but is more compact which allowed to obtain a more regular shape of the trunk compared to the old generation and can be charged at DC stations with up to 60 kW. Thus, it can be fully charged in less than 30 minutes.

In electric mode, the S 580 e is more relaxed than energic and the powertrain is ideal for the S-Class. Energy recovery levels can be varied from the paddles behind the steering wheel and in the case of the strongest recovery level up to 120 kW can be recuperated. In this case the car can be driven almost in One pedal mode. Alternatively, the electronics control recovery automatically, consider the topography and the route in connection with the navigation for optimal battery use, and also use distance sensors.

If the petrol engine starts – either because the battery has been discharged or you press the accelerator pedal over a certain limit – the S-Class reacts extremely vehemently, highlighting all the 510 HP. And here, S is now what it is in general: in a class of its own.
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