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iOS 7 Dates, Microsoft Surface 2 details, Galaxy Note III 4K video & more - Pocketnow Daily

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- Moto Maker now offers fully online sales, as well as off-contract orders
- Verizon Moto X coming on August 29, in September on T-Mobile
- AT&T announces Lumia 925 plans, confirming rumors
- Nokia Lumia 1520 to be the official name of the Bandit phablet?
- Samsung Galaxy Note III front panel allegedly leaks, exec confirms September 4 plans
- Samsung Galaxy Note III 4K camera rumors
- September 10 iOS 7 GA date hinted
- Microsoft Surface 2 sans RT pops up in logs alongside possible Nokia slates

Watch today's Pocketnow Daily as we talk the Moto X on other carriers, and some enhancements to Moto Maker when it comes to off-contract purchases. We later talk about At&T's announcement of the Nokia Lumia 925 to replace the 920, aside from some other rumors of a Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet. We later talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note III, its leaked display, and the possibilities of 4K video coming to the phone. Then we go through some probable launch dates for iOS 7, either as a GM candidate, or as an official release. We end today's show talking about the Microsoft Surface 2, and more than one Nokia tablet.

All this and more after the break.


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