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Is The Lost Tomb of Cleopatra FINALLY Discovered?

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History is filled with stories of a thousand conquerors. Kings and queens with enough treasures to span centuries and legacies sung from generation to generation. But few have a legacy as iconic and mysterious as Cleopatra VII — Queen, temptress, strategist. Though her life and death have been well-documented with paintings, books, and movies made in an attempt to tell her story, much of Cleopatra's tale remains shrouded in mystery and controversy. A major contributor to this enigma is the fact that Cleopatra's last resting place remains undiscovered and may never be. Or so we thought. A recent archaeological discovery by Dr. Kathleen Martinez, criminal lawyer turned archaeologist, might be the answer to the question that has plagued historians, scientists, and scholars for decades, "Where is the last pharaoh of Egypt buried?" However, this fortunate discovery may not only uncover one interred royalty, but it might also unearth two.

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