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Gigantic Stone Spheres Discovered All Around The Planet - Lost Civilization

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Back in 1940, a contingency of workers clearing a thick portion of the forest in the Diquis Delta region of Costa Rica came across something fascinating. As the forest land was being cleared for a new plantation for the United Fruit Company, the workers came across some very unusual stone spheres. The stone spheres lay partially buried in the forest floor, and as the workers began to clear the thick grass and shrubs from around these spheres, they were amazed to find there were a significant amount of these unique and out-of-place artifacts. Immediately these megalithic spheres became the prized possession of many of Costa Rica's higher class. They were placed in front of government buildings, and various United Fruit executives even placed them in their homes. The revered Anthropologist John Hoopes has estimated that at least 300 of these stone spheres were discovered all across Costa Rica. While the spheres vary in size, the largest is approximately eight feet in diameter and weighs 16 tonnes, whereas the smallest known sphere is no larger than a basketball.

Narration: Petra Ortiz - http://petraortiz.com

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