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Renault SYEO

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Renault SYEO
Whenever, however, wherever
Kyunggeun Bae/ Lucinda Mulholland / Calixte Ollagnier
Renault SYEO delivers flexible workspace to your door whenever and wherever you need it. Its novel interior is instantly reconfigurable according to multiple workspace needs – from intimate private space, to meeting, for brainstorming, video conferencing and more. A SYEO also allows users to temporarily locate their workplace as they see fit. Whether that be at a factory, at a client’s office, in the countryside, or on the beach – Renault SYEO will take you there.
SYEO is an autonomous vehicle that can be summoned on demand to fulfil temporary space requirements. As a driverless vehicle, SYEO gifts its passengers the valuable time spent in transit for productive use. It provides multiple furniture and seating configurations primarily facilitated by use of inflatable seating components providing great flexibility in a compact space package. The format of the interior space is set remotely by use of an intuitive interface, so a SYEO can be booked to arrive preconfigured, or may be rapidly reconfigured on-the-fly. Interactive window panes provide not only visibility to the outside world, but also displays and interface surfaces with which to diagram, sketch and interact more generally with other passengers and remote participants simultaneously.
In densely populated cities rental spaces of quality are at a premium. In particular, this represents a burden for small and start-up businesses for whom high overheads often constrict capacity for growth. Furthermore, businesses need to meet changing circumstances; often rapidly. As workforces ebb and flow according to project requirements, so fixed workspaces rarely offer the efficiency or flexibility required for highly adaptive, collaborative working.
Renault SYEO provides economical opportunities to expand your world of work whenever, however, wherever you require.
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