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Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors: 4 A New Design

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The second rumor is pretty much a sure bet, and that's that the Galaxy S5 will be getting a complete redesign on the outside. Exec Lee Young-hee said in an interview with Bloomberg that the new phone will be going "back to basics," and Samsung has publicly stated that the general public has had a difficult time differentiating between the Galaxy S3 and S4. Early rumors suggest a squarer design for the S5, as well as -- and we're keeping our fingers crossed on this one -- an aluminum body. Samsung was criticized a lot during the last generation for sticking with the polycarbonate shell, which many described as being a bit too plastic-y. And for the most part, we agree. When compared to an iPhone 5S or an HTC One, the Galaxy S4 looked a little lackluster. If Samsung manages to close the gap in a meaningful way, this could mean pretty big things for the Galaxy S5's future.

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