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The New 2020 Audi RS4 Avant Introduce

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The New 2020 Audi RS4 Avant Introduce https://youtu.be/ohPgLNJIeV4

The 2020 Audi RS4 Avant looks a lot more like its big brother this time around.
Upfront, the new honeycomb mesh grille is bigger than the preceding RS4 Avant’s grille, and it accommodates the four rings as well as the license plate. This way, the grille doesn’t look hideous despite being quite huge. This ‘Singleframe’ grille falls in line with the latest crop of cars from the German’s stable. Right above the grille is a slim slat that complements the design below the grille, too. Its rival needs to learn how to make big grilles look beautiful. Cough… BMW… Cough. The bumper features fog lamps on either side, which also seem to have a lot of intricate details around them.

For starters, the lamps are housed in a circular enclosure that is surrounded by the same honeycomb design as the grille. This gives the whole face a very sporty look. These fog lamp surrounds are again surrounded by a slight protrusion that’s part of the bumper itself and not an additional piece. The bottom of the bumper receives a flat, slim rubber piece that runs from one end to the other. It offers better aerodynamics on the wagon. As for the headlights, Audi couldn’t have gotten it any better, both aesthetically and functionally. The mean-looking LED headlights complement the overall appearance and justifies the ‘RS’ badge completely. Audi even offers the LED Matrix headlights as optional. Overall, the RS4 Avant still looks as menacing and aggressive as the current model, and we are happy that Audi did not try to mess up that pretty face.
There is a crease that runs from the tip of the headlight to the edge of the taillight. Other than this, there are no other cuts or creases on the body. A black stripe is present below the doors on the side skirts that breaks the otherwise monotonous-looking profile. The window sills, B-, and C-pillars receive the black treatment. Perhaps, even the A-pillar should’ve received it to give it a slightly sportier look; not that the 2020 RS4 Avant lacks any.

However, I didn’t like the placement of the wing mirrors. They are placed on the doors that poke out like a sore thumb on an otherwise plain-Jane profile. Lack of badges on the fenders make it worse. Since they’re finished in black, they literally stand-out. Not to mention, they are not as sturdy as they would be in the conventional placement at the edge of the window frame on the A-pillar. Coming to the wheels, Audi has nailed it in this department. The 2020 RS4 Avant rides on 19-inch forged aluminum wheels wrapped in low profile 265/35 tires. The company also offers various 20-inch designs, including a new fully milled five-arm wheel, painted completely in matt bronze. That’s the one you see in the images, and it is wrapped in 275/30 tires. The 2020 RS4 Avant’s braking duties are taken care of by 12.8-inch discs in the front and 13-inch discs in the rear.
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