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The WAN Show - Foxconn automates 60,000 jobs!? - May 27, 2016

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Timestamps courtesy of Ghost, JJMC89, and Sam Tilling (IPickle).
00:01:40 YouTubers H3H3 sued by YouTube The Boldguy over a Critical Reaction Video
00:12:20 Study Claims Fitbit Trackers are “Highly Inaccurate”
00:18:00 GTX 1080 Showcase
00:27:45 Jury sides with Google in Battle Over Android Software with Oracle
00:29:00 Japan ATM Heist Reportedly Involved 100 People Who Stole $12.7 Million
00:32:50 Foxconn Replaces “60,000” Factory Workers With Robots
00:38:40 Sponsor: Lynda
00:41:00 Sponsor: Freshbooks
00:42:30 Sponsor: Squarespace
00:45:15 First Tesla Driver Caught Sleeping With Autopilot On
00:47:50 Google to Embed Lots of Ads to Google Maps
00:48:30 Twitter Relaxes 140-Character Limit, Just a Bit
00:51:20 Marijuana Social Network is Denied Listing on Nasdaq
00:57:40 Cryorig Announces New “Mac Pro” Inspired Case
01:03:55 Computex
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