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The WAN Show - Trouble for Apple Pay.. & also Tim Cook is Gay! - October 31, 2014

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Table of Contents courtesy of Smile from the forum:
0:00:00 special Halloween WAN show and costumes
0:02:10 topic callout (Tesla, Intel 18 Core Xeon CPU, Alienware graphics amplifier, Ubisoft dev)
0:03:18 intro
0:03:40 sponsors (Five Four Club, Dollar Shave Club)
0:04:53 Linus stacks it
0:05:20 Tesla runs into trouble
0:09:05 Apple Pay vs retailers
0:19:38 NFC payment Twitter blitz
0:24:54 rumour: Intel 18 Core Xeon CPU
0:25:36 upcoming LTT videos
0:26:10 back to rumour: Intel 18 Core Xeon CPU
0:27:38 Linus's old co-worker got married
0:29:43 Apple Watch UI design on the iPhone
0:36:35 Noble's Bloodhound SSC
0:41:35 it's not called soccer
0:43:56 Alienware graphics amplifier
0:47:34 MSI GT80 gaming laptop with Cherry MX keyboard
0:54:09 Motorola Droid Turbo
0:57:48 sponsor spot: Five Four Club
1:00:52 sponsor spot: Dollar Shave Club
1:03:20 Linus shaves his face
1:06:40 Modis live streams and giveaway
1:08:20 Far Cry 4 dev: resolution doesn't sell games
1:10:04 Apple CEO Tim Cook comes out
1:10:40 Star Wars X-Wing and Tie Fighter re-released
1:12:53 YouTube 60 FPS
1:13:25 Linus will not be doing 60 FPS
1:14:00 updated ultimate NAS
1:14:18 T-Mobile CEO: don't buy your iPad from us
1:15:06 IBM is helping to fight Ebola
1:15:50 AMD R9 290x with 8GB RAM
1:17:20 rumour: Nvidia GTX 970 and 980 with 8GB RAM
1:17:50 LG releases 31" cinema 4K IPS monitor
1:19:30 redditmade crowd funding
1:20:40 Project Ara update
1:23:17 rumour: PS4 and Xbox One hardware upgrades
1:26:05 PC build logs
1:26:22 Linus is now on the Fullscreen YouTube network
1:26:47 back to PC build logs
1:29:12 Linus wants an ITX case the size of a PS4
1:30:13 EVGA GTX 980 Classified review coming
1:30:40 more factory tours might happen
1:32:00 more upcoming LTT videos
1:32:30 outro
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