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Why Ica Stones OOPARTS Have been Puzzling Historians and Scientists for Decades

The Ica Stones are a collection of andesite stones alleged to contain ancient depictions of dinosaurs and advanced technology. They were reportedly discovered in a cave near Ica, Peru not far from the Nazca Lines. The stones depict a wide variety of scenes: dinosaurs and humans, advanced technology, advanced medicine and maps. While there is a degree of ambiguity that leaves room for differing interpretations, they display definite knowledge of things that are wholly anachronistic. They have caught the attention of many people inclined to question aspects of modern science, and Creationists and others have used the Ica stones to argue against prevailing scientific theories.
There is still a lot to be learned by the Ica Stones, but few people are willing to pay for the research because, after all, these stones completely destroy the general theory of evolution. Who would want to pay for research that destroys the only presupposition evolutionists have to help them reject true Biblical history?
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