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2021 BMW X5 Protection VR6 Experience

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2021 BMW X5 Protection VR6 Experience https://youtu.be/yRgpYfPHp5g

BMW has released an armor-plated version of its X5 crossover. The model is called the X5 Protection VR6 and is designed to offer both private customers and diplomatic personnel protection against violent attacks, kidnapping or organised crime. This is often a decisive criterion, especially in regions like South America, Africa or Russia.
The new BMW X5 Protection VR6 fulfils the requirements of resistance class VR6 in accordance with the internationally recognised official test criteria of the VPAM (Prüfstellen für Angriffshemmende Materialien und Konstruktionen; Associations of Testing Institutes for Attack Resistant Materials and Constructions). The official certification was carried out according to the Guidelines for Bullet Resistant Vehicles (BRV 2009), Explosive Resistant Vehicles (ERV 2010) and PAS 300, which define the bullet and explosive force resistance of security vehicles.
The X5 Protection VR6’s chassis features a strengthened passenger safety cell and an armored luggage compartment. The exterior is fitted with moulded armor-plated body panels, underbody protection plates and multilayered, 33mm thick safety glass for the windscreen, doors and boot partition. Moreover, penetration by bullets or fragments is prevented by tightly sealed protection and overlapping amour-plating, e.g. within the sensitive areas of door gaps and bodywork joints as well as the transitions between body panels and glazing
The combination of amour-plated bodywork and security glazing facilitates effective protection against attacks by handguns and long firearms using ammunition up to a calibre of 7.62 × 39 FeC or 7.62 × 39 SC respectively, as used in weapons of the type AK-47, a most commonly used weapon in the world. Furthermore, the armored passenger compartment withstands lateral blasts of up to 15 kilograms of TNT from a distance of four meters. Innovative so-called Post Blast Protective Technology for the security glazing ensures particularly effective protection against secondary attacks. Even following a blast, all windows remain firmly in position, thus eliminating any formation of gaps between glazing and body.
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