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Canon SL2 (200D) vs Canon 80D - Head to Head Comparison!

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Canon 80D vs Canon SL2 - Canon 200D vs Canon 80D
In this video I’m going to go over some of the key differences and similarities between the brand new Canon SL2 and the Canon 80D so hopefully I can help you choose which one will be best for you.
But anyway let's compare these two cameras.
1. Headphone Jack
So I want to first talk about a small difference on both of these cameras, but one that might be important to you.
And that's the inclusion of a headphone jack on the Canon 80D. This allows you to plug in headphones so you can monitor the sound thats being recorded during video.
Now this wasn't on the Canon 70D, and was brought in on the 80d and to me it was a great inclusion.
Unfortuantely the Canon 200D doesn't include this, which is to be expected, but it would have been nice to have.
On the plus side, both of these cameras do have microphone jacks which is even more important, as this allows you to plug in an external microphone and get some great audio which is nice to see.
2. Size
So of course one of the biggest differences between these two cameras is their physical size.
The Canon 80d is quite a large camera. Now it's not as big as a full frame camera such as a 5d mark 4 or something like this, the canon 6d mark ii.
But it does have some weight to it.
On the other hand hte Canon SL2 is a tiny DSLR, one of the smallest in the world in fact.
Now both cameras have their pro's and cons. Some people prefer a larger DSLR to help balance out heavier lenses like the one behind me. And of course some people prefer a smaller, lgihter DSLR to travel with.
I'm on the later side, I prefer a small camera as I don't want to be weighed down when I'm travellign all day.
Which one you'll prefer will be down to you.
3. Extra Dials
Now let's take a look at the top and back of the cameras and one thing you'll notice is a few extra dials and an LCD screen on the 80D.
The 200D is pretty basic really, with essentialyly a main mode dial and a shutter button.
The 80D on hte other hand has a top LCD which shows you some of your current settings.
It doesn't really make you take better photos but it is nice to have.
The 80d also has a rotating dial wheel on the back, which can be good for adjusting settings quicker.
4. Battery Life
I quickly want to touch on the battery life of both of these cameras and again the winner here is the 80d. It uses these larger LP-E6 which are fantastic.
It really does last quite a while.
The 200D's battery life is pretty good in stills mode I did find it struggled a bit in video mode. You will want to have at least one spare battery if you're going to be shooting all day on the SL2.
5. Dual Pixel AF
So both of these cameras have the awesome dual pixel autofocus and I'm glad to say they both work well.
The 200D is a ridiculosuly quick and smooth autofocusing camera for the price. I'm actually suprised canon put this into their lowest end camera.
Both cameras track fast and cinematically and both have brilliant face tracking which works well.
I'm actually using it now.
Now the 80d does a few extra settings to adjust how quickly or slowly you want the AF to work, so that might be something to think about, but overall the 200D really does match up to it's much more expensive brother here.
6. Price
And then we're going to talk about price and of course this is where the SL2 wins hands down.
it's nearly half the price of the Canon 80d depending on where you look adn to me at that price it's brilliant.
As you can tell, the 80d is the battery. It's got more options, better specs and is better built.
But for a lot of people, the 200D will be more than enoguh of a camera.
With that extra money, you might be able ot buy 2 or 3 other lenses which you can use to build up a solid kit.
So that was a quick comparison between these two cameras. Hope I was able to help you get a better understanding of which one will be best for you.
I hope you all have a fantastic day and I’ll see you next time.
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