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Coffee Urns: 5 Fast Facts

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Fact #1. Coffee has a long, rich, and multifaceted history with influences from many different cultures. One strongly-held belief is that coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia some 1,500 years ago by a goat herder. He noticed the highly-active nature of his animals following their consumption of wild, bright-red Arabica coffee berries. Since that time, humans have devised many different apparatuses for brewing the commodity.
Fact #2. The earliest coffee urns date back to the 7th century. They consisted of simple taps attached to the main bodies of large silver, brass, pewter, or porcelain vessels. After the invention of the infusion brewing process in France, considerations for practicality for urns and other vessels became more common.
Fact #3. The coffee urn is capable of brewing and maintaining a reserve of fresh coffee that is always hot and ready to dispense. Typically powered by electricity, the device is constructed of either stainless steel or aluminum. It consists of a lid, a brew basket, an internal metal stem, a plug placed into a wall outlet, and a spigot from which the coffee flows.
Fact #4. Unlike conventional coffee makers, these prepare and hold up to 100 cups worth of java before an additional brewing cycle is required. While both devices require water, their dispensing methods differ. Urns don't require use of a separate carafe on a hot plate for pouring. Instead, they're equipped with an integrated handle or spigot for dispensing coffee into a cup. This makes it easy for long lines of hotel guests or office employees to come by and serve themselves efficiently without having to pick up a bulky carafe.
Fact #5. You should consider the overall brewing time of the machine. On average, a majority of coffee urns will brew the equivalent of one cup per minute. However, some have centralized heating elements. This can increase the rate to as little as 45 seconds per cup.
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